11 Things That Are Done By Happy Couples Before Going To Sleep

Spending time with your partner just before going to bed will for sure strengthen your relationship. It does not matter whether it is just a few minutes or you spend hours. Here is a list of eleven tips from professional psychologist of spending quality time with your partner before going to sleep.

1. Put your phone on silent mode and put it away

If you have your phone you will most likely not be able to concentrate on your partner. You will be on the social media or you will probably receive a call or a text. Just ensure that the phone will not cause distractions as you concentrate on your partner.

2. Do not bring work issues at home

When you are with your partner just before going to sleep try to forget about work. You should not be checking your work emails or even talking about work. This will give you an opportunity to relax and fully concentrate on your partner.

3. Go to bed at the same time with your partner

When you do not go to bed at the same time with your partner you will be making your relationship weaker. But if you brush your teeth together and go to bed at the same time you will feel more connected and this will strengthen your relationship.

4. Have a uniform routine

If you have a sleeping routine with your partner you will be able to make your relationship more intimate. This is because your body will get used to the routine and a result you will feel sleepy at certain hours. Consequently, the bond between you and your partner will become stronger.

5. Talk about the things which are in your hearts

When you discuss things which might be bothering you with your partner you will be increasing the trust levels in your relationship. You will know that you trust each other to the extent of talking about things which you would not tell other people.

6. Avoid arguments

Curt Smith who is a professional psychologist says that it is not advisable to argue just before going to bed. This is because arguments do not produce solutions and you will feel stressed even in the next morning.

7. Do not let your children into your bedroom while going to sleep

It is important to ensure that your bedroom is optimally private while you are with your partner. The only time you should let the children into your bedroom is in case a child had a bad dream and is scared of sleeping in his or her room.

8. Do not let pets get into your bed

Credible research shows that people who allow their pets into their beds do not get enough sleep. This clearly shows that if you want to spend quality time with your partner before going to sleep you should not let your pets into your bed.

9. Avoid smoking and drinking

The chemical contained in alcohol and cigarettes usually disrupt the normal sleeping patterns. This means that you will not be able to sleep properly when you smoke or drink before going to bed. Furthermore, there is a high likely hood that you will snore at night and this can affect your relationship negatively.

10. Massage each other

Studies have shown that couples who massage each other before going to sleep are closer. The massage also relaxes both the body and the brain therefore allowing you and your partner to have better sleep.

11. Hug and kiss each other

When you hug and kiss your partner while you are already in bed you will be making your relationship better. This is because it will allow you to feel more intimate towards your partner.

Bonus tips on dealing with insomnia:

Avoid working after 9 P. M
Ensure fresh air is getting into your bedroom
Avoid coffer after noon
Avoid snacks before going to bed
Do not carry gadgets to your bedroom
Avoid drinking too much water prior to going to bed
Avoid naps during the weekends
Invest in good bedding
Shower prior to going to bed
Wake up earlier