15 Best Things in Life Only Love Can Give You

If you’ve never been in love before, you’re really missing out. Here are the best things about being in love you probably didn’t expect.

There’s definitely a reason so many people write books and make movies about being in love. There’s a reason that a whole day is dedicated to love. And those reasons are because love is just amazing. It’s incredible, and truthfully, the closest thing we really have to magic.

Love is something special, and it’s a feeling unlike anything else in the world. That being said, many will claim love sucks and it hurts because, well, it does hurt when it ends. But when you’re actually in love, it’s one of the best feelings there is.

How do you know when you’re in love?

Many people will claim they’re in love with someone after about a week of knowing them. They say they can’t be without them, and whenever they’re together, their heart beats a little faster… and they can’t seem to think about anything else.

While this may sound like love, it’s not really. Love takes time to develop. It has to blossom into something. It can’t just manifest after a week.

That being said, you’ll know that you’re in love when your life is brighter when you’re around someone. When they’re on your mind at every point in the day. When you just can’t even think of them without smiling. 

The absolute best things about being in love

You may think the best thing about being in love is the butterfly-like sensations you get whenever they enter the room, but it’s not. There are so many great things about finding that special someone and falling madly in love with them.

However, what you think are the best parts about being in love may not even make this list. If you want to know just how amazing being love is, and the best parts about it, here they are.


#1 A solid support system. When you’re in love, you’re always supported. Your dreams and desires are fully backed up by your other half, and you never really have to worry about being judged for them. No matter what you want to do in life, you always have someone there ready to help you achieve the goals you set out for. 

#2 Being accepted fully. There really is no better feeling than being completely accepted for who you are. You can be vulnerable, broken, and even really weird… and you’ll always have someone who loves you no matter what.

Being accepted for every single flaw you have is something love provides that you just don’t find elsewhere.

#3 The confidence. Due to being accepted no matter what, you have killer confidence when you’re in love. When your significant other voices their love for you, or even just knowing how in love you are, you pretty much feel as though you can fly. Your self-esteem is boosted significantly, and you even learn to love yourself more when you’re in love.

#4 Finding purpose. Some people have a hard time in life because they just don’t feel as though they have any purpose. Finding purpose in your life is definitely one of the bonuses of being in love. You feel as though you have something worth living and working for. You have this other person in your life who gives you the purpose you need.

#5 Not having to explain yourself because you’re understood. Do you ever think back to situations where you just had to keep explaining yourself over and over again because nobody seemed to understand how you were feeling?

Well, when you’re in love, that’s not really a problem. Your significant other understands you and knows how you’re feeling without you needing to say so.

#6 You’re never lonely. This is really the best thing about being in love. You never really feel lonely – even if you are literally at home alone. There’s always this part of you that feels included and with another person, even if you’re watching movies at home by yourself. Being in love gives you this sense of unity and comfort and rids your life of loneliness. 

#7 There’s always someone to share your life with. Whenever you have news of any kind, good or bad, you always have someone to share it with.

Even if it’s the smallest thing that happened during the day to make you sad or happy, you have someone willing and ready to listen to everything. You really have someone to share your life with, and it’s the best feeling there is.

#8 A sense of security. No, I don’t mean this in a financial sense. I mean you have a sense of security when it comes to yourself and your relationship. Before you and your partner fall in love, there’s a little bit of uneasiness and the unknown.

However, being in love gets rid of those insecurities, and you’re left feeling secure in your relationship and in yourself. 


#9 You think of other people more. Many people don’t realize this about themselves when they’re in love, but it’s true. When you love someone deeply, you not only think about them more, but you think about other people in general more often. You are empathetic toward them, and you see things from their perspective more.

#10 The sex. This is obviously something that has to be thrown in on the list of the absolute best things about being in love, because sex when you’re in love is like nothing else out there.

The emotional bond between you and your significant other intensifies everything. When you’re able to let go and be yourself, you find that sex is much more enjoyable… and it’s especially magical when it’s with someone you care for so deeply.

#11 The possibilities for the future. When you’re single and not in love with anyone, the possibilities for your future aren’t very clear. You have so many options that the picture just doesn’t pop in your mind.

When you’re in love, your future has so many possibilities and all those things seem realistic. You can picture your life with someone and having a family with them, and it’s the best feeling.

#12 That “home” feeling when you return to them. After being away from the person you love all day, returning to them – no matter where you are – makes it feel like you’re at home. You no longer feel like home is a place, but rather, being with that person is now your new home.

#13 The physical contact. Humans were created to be with other humans. We need that physical contact in order to feel calm and complete. Being in love gives you that physical contact you so desire, and you can get it whenever you want. Being able to snuggle up to the one you love after a long day is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else.

#14 Someone takes care of you when you’re sick. And they don’t care about the risks. Sometimes your significant other may try to steer clear of a sick lover because they don’t actually want to get sick.

However, when you’re in love, you don’t even care about that. You just want your love to feel better and stop being uncomfortable. Having someone who feels the same about you is the best.

#15 Always having someone there to back you up and keep you sane. Stress, family, crazy jobs, and even your own obsessiveness can drive you insane. Luckily, being in love gives you someone who will help keep you sane. They’ll assist with your stressful life, and they’ll always be there to back you up no matter what.

Yes, being in love is amazing for so many great reasons. These are just the absolute best things about being in love, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re missing out.