16 Things That Men Find To Be More Desirable In Woman Than Her Looks

Unlike us, the opposite sex is much easier to decipher, which means you won’t have that tough a time to figure out what they want. To get you started, here’s a list of sixteen traits that men find to be more desirable in a woman than her looks.

1. Smile

Men can’t get enough of that captivating smile of yours. So, instead of making that sad puppy face most of the time, flash your pearly whites and watch your man get enraptured. A bright smile not only makes you more attractive but it also makes your man feel good.

2. Cooking Skills

You know what they say- the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Sounds clichéd as hell – agreed. But a woman who can cook is a bonus according to men.

3. Playfulness

Nobody likes a boring person. Neither do you, nor do men. What men truly appreciate is a woman who dials down the stress in a relationship by unwinding and revealing her playful side.

4. Long Hair

This one may depend on personal preference, but if you ask men, long hair is the way to go. Most men believe that long hair is a sign of woman’s health and youth. So don’t snip those tresses too short the next time you hit the parlor!

5. Caring Nature

It’s no secret that men look for their mothers in the women they are with. And one of the reasons for that is your man wants you to baby him like his mommy did when he feels down!

6. Being True To Yourself

You can put up layers of make-up to impress your guy or even try to act cool with things you’re absolutely not cool with. But it’s not going to work. A man’s preference is a woman who is always natural and true to herself.

7. Wide Hips

This is not in your control but it’s still good to know. The reason why guys drool over women like Kim K is because they subconsciously associate those big hips with fertility and the ability to give birth to healthy and smart offspring.

8. Kindness

Men want a woman who can show empathy towards them and stand by them, supporting them whenever they need. Your kind nature is the only way he can be sure you have that quality in you.

9. Self-Reliant

Clingy? No, no, no.

Independent? Yes, yes, yes!

An accomplished woman is a man magnet! Men love women who have their own passions and don’t need to hang on to their guys 24×7.

10. High Voice

This one might sound totally weird but men actually prefer if the woman they’re dating has a high-pitched voice. Why? Well, because the male brain associates a high-pitched voice with youth and physical attractiveness.

11. A Compromising Nature

Men care about making their relationships work as much as women do. Which is why they look for a compromising nature in the women they are with. It makes it easier to talk issues out.

12. Motherly Instinct

This basically means having a nurturing attitude. Men want kids and a family too. Hence, they actively seek out women who have a strong motherly side. Your nurturing nature proves to them that you’ll be a good mommy.

13. Red Lips

You don’t have to possess naturally red lips. Even red lipstick will do as long as your lips look luscious and attractive. This red color excites men and they associate it with positive energy, warmth, and motivation. Time to stack up on that MAC Ruby Woo!

14. Sense Of Humor

You don’t necessarily have to be a wisecrack who can churn out witty one-liners and limericks at the drop of a hat. You should just be able to make your man smile when he’s down and laugh at his jokes to be more attractive to him.

15. Spirit Of Enjoyment

While planning your future is a great thing, your guy would like you more if you just stopped and enjoyed the present. Also, not complaining is an added bonus!

16. Tan lines

The last entry on the list and undoubtedly the most eyebrow-raising too; men like it when you have visible tan lines. It titillates their imagination and makes you look much hotter in their eyes!

Having all of these sixteen traits is impossible for anyone, but you can definitely try inculcating a few of them. Man or no man, these traits are good to have regardless!