16 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Someone You Love

We’re looking at 16 adorable and meaningful ways to tell your partner they’re awesome and to show your love and appreciation for them on the daily.

Let’s face it – your partner’s awesome and they need to be told this more often! Sometimes when you’re with someone romantically for an extended period of time, those little ooey-gooey gestures of appreciation are often the first things to go. Is it because you stopped loving or appreciating the wonderful things your partner does for you? Of course not! So why is it that these very important announcements of appreciation tend to fall to the way-side?

Whether you’re not the affectionate type, or you’re just being plain lazy, showing your partner a daily dose of love and appreciation can do wonders for your relationship! Whether you’ve been together for 10 months or 10 years, if you’re in a long distance relationship or you’re already married, there are plenty of ways to show your partner how much your appreciate their love and support, all-around.

For the dating couple

For those still in the throes of puppy-love with their mate, your mind is probably racing daily with ideas of different or unique ways to tell your partner you absolutely adore them. In fact, your Pinterest account has probably been swarmed with different searches for “how to show my girlfriend I love her” or “boyfriend gift ideas” all just to make your sweetheart feel special. If your list isn’t long enough, here are three more ideas to add to it.

#1 Cook them dinner. This one works for either gender, and is so exciting when you are still a new couple. What better way to show your special someone how awesome you think they are than to say it with food? Cook up a fancy meal for your lover, complete with a starter, an entrée, and a fancy dessert – all made by you! Tingle their tummy with this expression of love and gratitude. [

#2 Leave post-its hidden in his room. Guys love games, so make this one he’ll never forget. Write out 10 things you appreciate about your guy on a set of pink, heart-shaped post-its *alright, so the color and shape isn’t exactly a requirement – but it definitely adds to the cute factor in this!* and hide them all around his bedroom or apartment for him to find.

Get creative with your post-it placements. Is he a coffee drinker? Hide one on his favorite coffee cup, coffee maker, or even his milk jug to make sure he’ll get your love note first thing in the morning, or get silly and leave a sticky on his toothbrush handle that reads: “I appreciate how you’re always keeping that mouth fresh for me”.

#3 Buy her flowers for no reason. They don’t have to be $90 roses. In fact, it can even be a cheapie bouquet from 7-11. The point here really is that you were thinking about her, at random, and bought her something pretty to commemorate the occasion. Even if your girlfriend is the type to protest such gifts because “they’ll die!” or “they’re too expensive!” trust us – she’s going to love you for this gesture.


For the serious relationship

Those who’ve hit a serious status in their relationship have probably already exhausted the adorable “52 Reasons I Love You” deck of cards, box of date nights, and romantic scrapbook ideas for their mate in the early years. For those in a serious relationship, it’s time to get back to basics and remind your partner what it is you love about them.

#4 Ask about their day. It seems silly, and a little sad that something as small as asking your partner how their day is going can be something taken out of your daily repertoire, yet it happens to couples of all kinds. Many people love being in a relationship because of the stability it brings, as well as the reminder that someone cares about both the big and small aspects of their day. Show your partner you’re listening by asking about their day, every day. Not only are you showing them you care, you may even get some juicy gossip out of the deal!

#5 Have more oral. Let’s be real: it is extremely likely that your partner loves receiving oral. Nothing shows your partner you appreciate their listening, working hard, and support for you quite like treating them to an evening of self-indulgence. Remember this is about them, so just this once, don’t expect any reciprocation.

#6 Make a heart-shaped breakfast. Make your partner smile in the morning with a surprise breakfast in bed! While your partner is still snoozing his or her alarm, head out into the kitchen and whip up some heart shaped bacon *easily manipulated with your fingers before cooking* and some heart shaped pancakes. Heart-shaped molds are easily available at most big-box or baking supply stores, otherwise you can just make a giant pancake and cut it into the shape of a heart afterwards. Not only is this meal delicious and adorable, it also takes just a couple of minutes to whip up!

#7 Dress up for your partner. Odds are when you were first together, you were always trying to make a great impression on your beau with the right clothes, sexiest hair, and the perfect body spray. While the perks of being in a serious relationship do include getting to pounce around in your jammies during your days together, show your partner you still want to show off for them by dressing it up once in a while. Nothing is sexier than dressing up for your mate and letting them know you’re still trying to make ‘em want you.

For the live-in couple

Whether you’re now married, or simply sharing a home together, living with your partner has likely shown you a new side to them – good or bad. It’s especially important when sharing the same living space to remind your spouse of all the things they do that you absolutely adore.

#8 Greet them when they come home. No matter who comes home first, make sure you greet your partner at the door when they get in. While this is obviously a circumstantial show of love, your partner will no doubt appreciate seeing your smiling face first thing when they get home.

#9 Start his car when it’s cold outside. Does your man head out to work before you do? While he’s showering in the morning, do him a wifely solid and get out there and brush off and start his car. Some cars take forever to heat up, especially in the winter months. Your man will love you to pieces for doing this simple favor.

#10 Leave love notes in his lunch. Do you pack your guy’s lunch for him in the morning? Men love to be pampered, and one of the top things they view as being “spoiled” is when you make them good food. Prepare a fantastic lunch for your guy and make sure to leave a love note in his lunchbox.

The love note can be a simple “I love you gorgeous, have an amazing day!” to a sexy “Think of me while you’re licking your fingers clean. See you tonight.” Don’t be surprised if he gets home a little earlier than usual after receiving the latter note.

#11 Run her a bubble bath. You know your wife. You know what her stressed face looks like, and you know when she needs to relax. Show your wife how much you care by running her a relaxing bubble bath, complete with burning candles, her favorite book, and a music playlist ready to go. 


For the LDR

Think you can’t show your appreciation for your lover, just because they live in another city? Think again! There are small, simple ways to show your long distance partner your love and appreciation for them, even from a world away.

#12 Send her a “Thinking of you – So think of me!” care package. The ultimate show of love and affection when you can’t be with your girlfriend in person? A thinking of you gift parcel! Your gift parcel should include: one t-shirt of yours for her to sleep in, one box of chocolates, a sentimental stuffed animal, and one hand-written note telling her how much you love her.

#13 Start your day with a text or video saying what you love about them. Odds are if you’re in an LDR, then you’ve spent a lot of time talking and a lot of time listening to your partner, meaning you’ve gotten to know them quite well. You might say you’ve even gotten to know them quicker and more intimately than you would have if you were in person!

Because of this, you won’t find it hard to come up with a cute text or video message every morning, telling your lover something you appreciate about them, or something about them that makes you smile. How much more perfect could both your mornings get?

A little something for everyone

No matter what type of relationship you’re in or how long you’ve been together, everyone can benefit from practicing these final tips:

#14 Turn your phone/computer/tv off. Have you ever been hanging out with your partner and suddenly you realize you’ve both been glued to your phones for the last hour and a half? Yuck! It’s definitely not romantic, but it happens. Show your partner you appreciate the time you have with them by putting your phone away and giving them your undivided attention.

#15 Never go to bed angry. It’s as simple as that. This is a daily show of appreciation for the love and respect you have for your mate, by never letting differences, big or small, prevent you from kissing, communicating, and making up before bed time.

#16 Don’t forget your manners. Would you believe the ultimate display of showing appreciation is actually one you learned when you were still in diapers? It’s true! Show your appreciation for your mate by never forgetting your manners and always using the terms “Please” and “Thank you!”

Just remember: no matter how long you’ve been with somebody or what type of relationship you’re in, there’s always something good to be said about the person you love. So let them know just what it is by using these 16 gestures of appreciation!