5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning A Fall Honeymoon

Fall marks one of the most popular wedding seasons, mainly because the weather's not too cold or stifling, and the changing leaves make for a beautiful photo backdrop. But if you're planning a honeymoon during this season, you and your husband-to-be definitely need to consider a few things.

Check out 5 mistakes couples make on their fall honeymoon getaways.

Not researching hurricane season. If you're looking for a warm, tropical getaway, you're definitely doing your fall honeymoon right. But before you book plane tickets to your destination of choice, find out when its hurricane season is, which usually varies from coast to coast. Hurricanes season officially hits the Carribean from June 1-November 30, so plan accordingly. You might get cheaper deals, but it's not worth having a rained-out honeymoon. 

Planning a jam-packed honeymoon. Crisp, fall days make the perfect opportunity for outdoor exploration. If you're planning a fall honeymoon to the mountains or backpacking through Europe, know that you're going to be exhausted after the wedding itself. You've spent months tirelessly planning one of the biggest days of your life, so your honeymoon offers the perfect relaxation and de-stressing period. Don't cram too many busy activities into your honeymoon so that you can catch up on z's and enjoy some alone time with your new spouse.

Not allotting enough vacation time. Some destinations, especially outside the United States, are just so much better to visit in the fall. But, if you want to venture to a faraway venue, like Greece or Australia, don't forget to factor travel time and jet lag into your trip. This might make you want to extend your honeymoon, which means asking for more vacation days from your office.

Thinking the location won't be crowded. Even if you're going to a resort during its off-season, don't assume that it won't still be crowded in the fall. Retirees, empty nesters, and families with children on fall break love to vacaction in the fall, so your desired venue might be more populated than you thought. If you want more privacy during your honeymoon, ask your potential resort how busy they typically get during fall. 


Not factoring in allergies or pollen. Another thing to consider if you're seeking warmer weather is the pollen count. Nothing takes the intimacy out of your honeymoon faster than constantly blowing your nose!