7 Fun Things Couples Who Hate Going Out Can Do at Home

FOMO's apparently got some competition. Meet FOGO, a.k.a. the "fear of going out," a growing phenomenon among folks who essentially find the thought of going out to be lackluster and/or intimidating.

Tons of couples experience a similar homebody phase, whether it's in the beginning ber-infatuated stage or at any point if they both happen to be introverts. Whatever the case may be, here are some fun activities to try if you two are experiencing a little FOGO of your own and can't stand the thought of another night navigating Netflix.



1. Make a plan to try some truly spectacular sex play. Sure, sex may seem like an obvious thing to do if you're staying in, but the key is finding ways to up the ante. Introduce a sex toy, get in the shower, or really extend the foreplay. Basically, give the quickie a pass and indulge.

2. Build a fort. Remember building a fort as a kid? It's still fun. Grab your coziest sheets and some sturdy furniture, then cobble it all together and decorate as you like. Pack that baby with pillows galore, then read, talk, play games, or just cuddle.

3. Read the same book. Of course you could go for different ones if you're more George R.R. Martin and he's more Gillian Flynn, but paging through the same book can take a few hours together to new heights. Put a moratorium on any technology (save for an e-reader, of course), and get lost in a story. It's like a book club for couples! As a bonus, talking about the book you're reading adds a fun insight into how the other thinks.



4. Play cards. While most board games are sometimes tricky with only two people, there are tons of brilliant card games for couples. Encourage some healthy competition with a deck of cards and the countless ways you can use them. Even better, place some bets! Perhaps the loser gives the winner a massage?

5. Have a spa night. Pampering shouldn't be limited to sleepovers with your friends or nights spent alone dating yourself. Some guys may be loath to admit it, but people of all genders can always get down with a little face mask action. You can do something simple, like slathering on an invigorating scrub; or go above and beyond by DIY-ing some thirst-quenching cucumber water, loading up on bath bombs, and even lighting some incense.



6. Quiz each other. Asking each other random questions isn't just a wonderful conversation starter, it's an effortless way to find out eye-opening things about each other. From the hilarious to the revealing, you'll soak up interesting tidbits about each other like sponges. 

7. Cook a three-course meal. Don't just whip something up like you do on busy weeknights. Instead, really plan out your appetizer, main course, and dessert. The caveat is that you'll probably have to venture out into the great unknown for ingredients (it's an adventure!), but the payoff is well worth it: You get to spend time in the kitchen as a duo, working together for a tangible—and delicious—result.