A Few Happy Things Couples Do Without Being Asked

Relationships become happy and enjoyable when there is give and take frequently and regularly. It is about husbands and wives doing things just out of love without any prompting. Relationship experts have listed down nine commons things which happy couples do for one another without being prompted.

1. Checking With One Another

Happy couples are always checking on one another even if they could be some distance apart. This could be about late arrival from workplace or simple things such as 'I miss you’. It goes a long way in having a feeling of being connected and experts feel it does help.

2. Complimenting Each Other

Complimenting need not be in kind or about using chosen adjectives in praise of the wife or husband. Simple things like complimenting wife on a good meal or the wife complimenting the husband for a work done well could help. These positive feedbacks help a lot in building and strengthening relationships.

3. Surprising The Other With A Card

Simple cards with Thank You and Miss You message are indeed nice gestures. It makes both of them feel special and is a reminder that they both are grateful to one another. Leaving the card in a place where the spouse will find it as a surprise could add some excitement to it. Leaving cards under the pillow or the refrigerator are a few ideas.

4. Acting Generously Without Keeping A Count

Being generous in husband-wife relationship is very important. This adds security to the relationship and makes you offer more to your spouse. These are small gestures but go a long way in showing love for him/her. Simple things like taking clothes from the dryer or giving company to his famous hiking are things which help a lot.

5. Sharing Thoughts & Feelings Openly

Husband and wives who share feelings and thoughts openly are likely to have much better relationships than those who are inward looking and closed in their minds. This does not mean regular communication but showing it more by actions rather than anything else.

6. Surprising Partners With Favorite Food

Food is good motivator and it does nurture relationships. It also helps couples to stay connected. Simple acts like bringing home the favorite food of your partner or cooking the same as a surprise addition could help a lot in bringing the couples even closer at all points of time.

7. Washing The Car Clean

In spite of the busy schedule if couples take time out and wash their cars clean it could be a pleasant surprise for them. It could be done in a car wash outlet or you could do the washing yourself. Both the husband and wife would most certainly be happy to see a clean and fresh car.

8. They Always Believe In Saying Thank You

Long term partnership could often lead to complacency or mundane feelings. Hence small things like saying thank your regularly could certainly help a lot. This is what couples do to keep the relationship on a strong foundation. It is a much better way forward rather than assuming things.

9. Saying I Love You

When husbands and wives say 'I love you' unprompted and when least expected it would be a pleasant surprise for them both. Many couples often stay away from it because they believe it could be a case of over usage. There is no such thing as over usage in true relationships and happy couples do it more often.

While these are good signs, do not fret and fume when your partner does not do it. The relationships could be moving forward and you must ask for it. Try avoiding being a mind reader.