Are You and Your Guy a Power Couple? 9 Unmistakeable Signs

To reach #powercouple status—and consider yourselves in the company of great power couples like Beyoncé and Jay Z, George and Amal—you've got to be more than just happy and healthy. You've got to be so crazy-good together you could rule the world. Here are nine signs you're on the fast track to side-by-side world domination.

1. You're synced up like clocks. You can predict each other's next move in even the stickiest social situations—and can intercede with a chat-saving wisecrack when he's about to fumble that conversational ball.

2. You've survived something seriously unpleasant. Whether one of you was laid off from work or a grandparent passed away on your last sexy getaway, you faced the midnight tears together and came out stronger for it.

3. Everything is a friendly competition. From who can climb your apartment building's five flights the fastest to who will have the honor of being the Ultimate Rummy Champion, you let friendly competition fuel passion in your relationship.

4. Friends roll their eyes at you when you're together. Because you're just that disgustingly perfect together.

5. The future is about "us," not just "you." Even if you don't have a ring on your finger yet, you've got plans to take on the world, together. And it's going to be one hell of an empire.

6. Awkwardness isn't a thing. You can talk about everything, even the most uncomfortable subjects other couples would do anything to avoid, and come out of each conversation unfettered.

7. You support each other. And you do it in spectacular style, from picking each other up from a blue mood with your Amy Schumer impressions to putting on your chef's hat and whipping up a five-course meal to celebrate a promotion.

8. You have your own lives. Sure, your friends and interests intermingle. But you're not dragging your man to see a chick flick or check out the hottest new barre class.

9. You complement each other. You're the peanut butter to his jelly, the ice cream to his cherries. Apart, you're super awesome—but together, you've got it all.