Christmas Vacation Ideas For Couples

The holidays always seem to arrive faster than anticipated. Maybe you want to get away this year and spend the holiday with your significant other. Although you have a world of options, literally, your destination depends on what your preferences are. Here is a mix of the 12 best Christmas vacation ideas for couples no matter what type of weather you prefer!

1. Disneyland

I am partial to Disneyland at any time of year but there is something truly magnificent about Disney during the holidays. Whether it’s the extra decorations, costumes, or shows there is something for everyone. This an ideal Christmas vacation idea for couples if you two frequent the park on a regular basis or you want your first time to be next level. Don’t forget to get some peppermint beignets and sing along to the old Christmas classics on Main Street!

2. Hawaii

Be aware that planning for Hawaii during Christmas requires a lot of meticulous details and booking things way in advance to avoid paying your entire bank account for a trip. As a couple you can stroll through the touristy attractions in Honolulu or make your way to Maui if you want a more calming experience. Hawaii is often preferred as a Christmas vacation because you are just far enough to feel like your family drama is worlds away and the weather isn’t too shabby that time of year!

3. New York City

This Christmas vacation idea can extend all the way to New Year’s Eve if you want an unforgettable experience as a couple! You can see what it’s like to have a white Christmas together but make sure to bring bundles of layers if you are not accustomed to the cold. Go ice skating in Central Park or witness the Rockefeller Christmas tree in all its glory up close.

4. Spain

What is there not to love about Christmas in Barcelona? The sound of that alone gets me excited. Use your Christmas vacation as a chance to cross something off your couple’s bucket list. Visit some museums or make the trip to simply see the Illuminated trees in Plaça de Catalunya.

5. Canada

If you are a couple that has no problem with the cold, consider Quebec City, Canada as a possible Christmas vacation idea. Take a stroll through Christmas Village full of lights and European architecture. You will feel like you stepped into A Christmas Carol and can say you’ve been to the German Christmas Market.

6. London

Few Christmas vacation ideas include worthwhile theatre shows beneath captivating Christmas lights, but London can be your exception. Take your travels as a couple international and go shopping at the South Bank Christmas market stalls. With so much to experience, a trip to London should definitely be considered.

7. Paris

How does dinner on the Eiffel Tower sound for a couple’s date night? Make a trip to Paris, France for Christmas and be astounded by how the usual tourist attractions are made even more incredible. Take a nighttime champagne cruise along the Seine together and marvel at the beauty. It may take some budgeting and extra planning, but it will all be worth it!

8. Tokyo

Become immersed in the Tokyo Midtown shopping complex and witness one of the most popular travel destinations during Christmas time. With several lighting displays to feast your eyes on, this should be an addition to your Christmas vacation ideas list. If you still feel the Disney bug pulling at you in Japan, try to go to Tokyo Disney!

9. Seattle

This holiday season if you decide to visit Washington, make sure you see the Space Needle up close. Make a trip to the 5th Avenue Theatre and Pike Place Market to view your favorite Instagram places in a whole different light.

10. Nashville

This photo of the Opryland Hotel alone should convince you to visit Nashville, Tennessee on your next Christmas vacation. Take part of Holiday Harmony full of multiple events you and your significant other can attend. Enjoy a Grand Holiday Lights Tour or go snow tubing for the first time together!

11. Greece

Explore Ancient Greece and shop at Christmas Bazaars in Athens, Greece. You won’t be overwhelmed by crowds in Syntagma Square and you’ll get to see karavakia!  The Acropolis Museum can be one of many destinations on your next Christmas vacation ideas as a couple.

12. Australia

Our final destination is for the couple who wants to completely get away from everything. This Christmas you can opt for discovering the world’s oldest fossils at Lake Mungo National Park or feed your senses at Victoria’s Snowy River National Park. You can also follow in the snowman’s footsteps and spend the ultimate Christmas by the beach!

Wherever you travel this holiday season, I hope it’s full of wonderful memories!