Couples Who Argue Love Each Other More

How frequently do you engage in an argument with your partner? According to research by psychiatrists, arguments between lovers help in strengthening their
love bond and good coexistence. They say that if you argue, it shows that you understand your lover more and so you are not afraid of hurting her/him by voicing your opinions. This, therefore, exhibits good understanding among the two of you.

Several tests have been made by psychologists and they have also drawn a conclusion that couples who argue have a very strong relationship. At the beginning of the relationship, there is heart and butterflies among the two, but as they move on and get used to one another, they begin to air their opinions, disagreements and inner personalities. This is where the fluctuation of the harmony in the union begins to manifest itself. Healthy arguments can be used as a test for a good relationship because you get to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the other as you move on. Therefore, engaging in arguments is a way of communicating.

It brings out different perspectives, individualism and the ability to teach one another. As opposed to most of the people's beliefs, arguments are not an indicator of disharmony in a relationship. According to Psychiatrist, healthy argument requires skills that cannot, of course, be built in a singer day. The flowing is some of the skills suggestion.

-Avoid insisting on being on the right side

-Learn to speak whenever you feel anger is building up

-Learn to listen

-Revolve your arguments around the topic

-Don’t say something that will make you regret in the long run

Why Couples who argue are closer and in Love with Each other

1. Argument means everyone is comfortable.

When a nervous couple steps on the toes of one another that cannot be termed as a sign of love. This could be as a result of fear. It is a sign whereby none of
them is ready to become the victim of circumstance since they are afraid that any one of them is likely to change mind regarding the relationship at hand.

The opening shot for couples engaging in a real argument is a good sign that each one of them is confident about the relationship that they can argue their views without affecting the relationship. This can be heated and worse, but at that level, couples are aware of the love they for one another and they are not going to allow the choice of words to crumble everything.

2. Healthy Argument is a sign that Couples are ready to bring Issues on the table

Following the argument of Dr. John Gottman, there are different types of couples. There are those who try to run away from the conflict and the validating ones,
they try by all means to play on a neutral ground. Their arguments can turn emotional but are meant to bring goodies. Each one of them understands very well that things are not where they would want them to be. That is why they push for a change even if it means engaging in emotional arguments.

3. Arguing couples are Passionate

According to psychologists, this phenomenon is referred to as the arousal transfer. It means that when one is excited by the other’s stimulus, they are likely to get more excited. Expressing it in layman’s language is that a relationship that is filled and with arousing stimulus, the expectations are that very little annoyances will exhibit a more intense response. On the opposite is that, on an intensely negative response, lies a passion that is more intense. Therefore, arousal transfer is worth to embrace.

4. Couples Who Argue Learn more about one another

If there is no conflict in a relationship, people are likely to become flat characters, in case, they are not aware of one another’s real personalities and threedimensionality. But whenever a fight ensues, everyone in the relationship gets to understand that a lot is unknown about the one who sleeps next to me. They get to learn about their flaws which therefore become the source of conflicts. And as long as those flaws aren’t hiding anything, then they can be compared to a magnet because they will increase the attraction and closeness to some deep levels.

5. Arguments, just like love is Visceral

There is some intelligence involved in this, although it is an intense emotion. Couples, who have still not yet graduated to the levels of arguments, have not
reached the stage of deep, visceral love. They are mostly ignited by practical things such as appearance and good conversation.


As the love grows, the same happens to emotion, and things become more intuitive and less logical. Arguments signify that couples are in a very raw and deep place where love, and anger and can coexist at the same time. Love, mutual respect, compassion, compromise, and trust are the most important factors of any healthy relationship. No one wishes to disrespect or insult a loved one; everything has to be done with moderation. Whenever you’re authentic in a relationship, you will be able to perfectly share your strong beliefs on one another. It all depends on how you approach a discussion because according to Steve Hall, the truest kind of love is how you behave towards one another, and not the feelings that you have.