Couples Who Love Each Other Tend To Get Fat Together

Recent studies show that couples who love each tend to grow fat together. Once you are in a relationship, you may notice yourself gaining some extra pounds. You may also notice your significant other adding on some weight. And why do people in relationships add on weight?

Well, people in relationships usually tend to copy each other's lifestyle as a way of adjusting to each other's life. To other people, they appear as the same person concerning behavior and thoughts, but a closer look at the person's life and you will notice that some of the couple's behavior is similar. Couples were observed and recorded in research done to find out if there was any change in their weight in contrast to individuals who were not in relationships.

The results of the study showed that people in the relationship gained weight after starting a relationship. Some of the couples even reported having gained more than five kilograms after starting their relationships. The research also revealed that, in addition to gaining weight, people in relationships were also healthier and happier than the single people.

Another similar research was conducted by the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where they studied one hundred and sixty-nine couples over a period of four years. The results were the same where the couples gained weight after getting into a relationship. Though the reason behind them is gaining weight could not be determined.

As mentioned earlier, some of the reasons that lead to an increase in weight could be because the couple's lives change when they become part of each other's life to form sort of a neutral ground where they are both comfortable and on the same page. Their individual lives change to build a life where they accommodate each other.

This change in lifestyle especially when it is a happier one can lead to an increase in weight. This is because when we are happy in relationships, we adjust our personal lives regarding behavior and habits to build a life where we can accommodate each other and also be comfortable with each other. This comfort in a new life may lead to couples gaining weight without even knowing why.

When we lead single lives, we tend to only think about ourselves. Our behaviors and habits are usually dictated by our personal decisions on how we can make our lives comfortable. Some of the behaviors include; doing chores alone, eating a sandwich for dinner, partying among others. Whereas in relationships, we have to think about our spouse. The decisions shift from how you can make your life comfortable with how you can also make their life comfortable. Behaviors and habits change to; sharing chores, eating out on dates, cuddling, watching movies, etc.

Also, being single we tend to stress on looking good so that we can get into a relationship by exercising a lot and watching what we eat. But once we are comfortable and happy in relationships, we tend to let ourselves go which leads to weight gain.

A relationship may show weight loss if it is strained and weight gain if the couples are both happy and love each other. Couples can tackle the weight gain in relationships by exercising together to get fit.