Great Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Who said married couples don’t date?

I wanted to write down these date night ideas for married couples for so long but wasn’t sure if I should focus on the date night ideas or only on date ideas. However, there are so many ways you and your spouse could spend your days and evenings, which I decided to split them in two. 

Anyway, let’s date

Even unmarried couples could do these things, but my focus is on married couples. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the everyday routine, especially when you know you’re so “chained” to the other that it almost doesn’t matter how you’ll spend the evenings.

However, that’s the worst way of thinking ever. I believe that you should focus on the dating and the quality moments together exactly because you’re married. You see, the unmarried couples go out on dates and have fun to get to know each other. Married couples go out together to make the bond stronger and have fun with someone that already knows and loves their craziness. There are no limits, no obligations to behave, you won’t look or sound stupid.. and even if you do – the other is just going to laugh at you for the rest of the week. 

Dating your spouse is fun, adds quality memories, refreshes your daily routine and gives you more reasons to lose it a bit. So, take a look at these 50 date night ideas for married couples, and let me know if you’re going to try some of them.

To be easier for you to read them, I divided them into two categories: date ideas when you want to stay at home and date ideas when you want to go out.

Date night ideas for married couples that want to stay home

1. Chimney date – dinner in front of the fireplace. It’s only you, your spouse, two glasses of wine, delicious food and the warm smell of burning wood…

2. Board Games – you definitely have got board game at home. Just get them out of the storage room and see who’s going to win three times in a row.

3. Homemade pizza – it’s easy to order a pizza, but where’s the fun of that? Find pizza dough and put your favourite toppings. Then enjoy your own creation.

4. Go to a Stand-Up Comedy… at home – Amazon Prime is full of Stand-up Comedy shows. Pick one, decide what time it’s going to start and get some popcorns.

5. Home Spa  a bubble bath, aromatherapy and two glasses of sparkling wine… who wouldn’t enjoy such a date night?

6. Wine and Cheese – who said you could enjoy classy wine and cheese only in the restaurants. All you need to do is choose two bottles of wine you’ve never tasted before and got a few types of cheese and grape. I could do that every evening…

7. Watch the series together – follow a TV show together. It can be either something on the TV or chose it from Netflix. Decide which day of the week and what time you’re going to save for watching a single episode of it and get more popcorns.

8. Healthy cooking competition – set up a budget each one of you has to spend on the farmer’s market. Then each one of you has to spend the money on buying products for a healthy dish that will cook later. The only condition is the dish to be something new that you’ve never cooked before. 

9. Film your own movie – that’s even better, and you can combine it with number 8. Film each other while cooking the healthy dish or just make your own video doing something else around the house. Have fun and experiment.

10. Watch the video from your wedding with popcorns and gossip about everyone you see – a great way to remind yourself the happy day.

11. Paint each other’s bodies – be creative, use body paint only and have no limits on the zones you paint… 

12. Create your own memory capsule – get a scrapbook, sit down and create your own memory capsule. If you are like me and have a memory box where you put little things to remember places you’ve visited and things you did, this is a lovely date night idea for the two of you. If you don’t keep anything, simply print photos from your last vacation and then arrange them in the book.

13. Make a video for your grown-up children – My favourite one of all date night ideas for married couples. Film yourselves today, how you look like, what you think of life, how you imagine yourselves one day when the children are big. What do you want them to remember, and how do you see the family be in 20 years from today. Make it fun no matter If you have or don’t have children at this moment. 

14. Make your own ice cream and eat it together – well, you’ll have to leave it in the freezer for a while, but who knows if you can actually wait that long…

15. Create a bucket list …

Put the wine on the table and spend the next two hours talking about the places you want to visit and the things you want to do for the next 12 months. Who knows, this date could make you come up with some cute ideas. 

16. Make a cake together and decorate it in a weird and fun way – if you feel too lazy to cook a whole cake, just get a ready one from the shop, remove the decoration and go wild. 

17. Private massage – candles, massage oils, soft music and naked bodies… one of the best date night ideas for married couples that want to spice up their love life.

18 Plan a holiday – on small pieces of paper write down all the places in the world you’ve ever wanted to visit – stick with the exact places – cities, not countries. Then put them in a bowl or a jar and draw two out. Plan a vacation that includes both of them.

19. Learn a new language  Youtube is full of free beginners’ lessons in any language you’ve always wanted to learn. What could be more fun than you and your spouse learning the basics of a foreign language together? 

20. Make a karaoke night at home and film it – who knows; with this one of the date night ideas for married couples, you might be the next viral video on FB.

21. Strip game – strip poker, strip home basketball, strip quiz… whatever you choose.. just take the clothes off and have fun.

22. Play Truth or Dare

23. Watch a full season of series for one night – it’s going to be a long night, but with popcorns, beer and pizza around I believe you won’t feel tired too fast.

24. Explore Kama Sutra together…

25. Create simple mini-scenarios and play it in from of the camera – you know all those Latino soap dramas? Play a simple scene where there are lot’s of fake tears, mini arguing and happy way-too-fake-passionate kiss at the end. Make it ridiculously crazy.

26. Get a 1000 piece jigsaw and put it together for one night – choose a prize at the end if you manage to do it for a single night… a long night… But hey, just have fun.

27. Buy a few home design magazines, and with the help of scissors and glue create your dream home. A pool on the roof? Bring it on!

Date night ideas for married couples that want to go out

28. Take a walk around the furniture shops in the area – it’s fun, it’s romantic, boosts your imagination and creativity. Just don’t buy anything if you still want to keep the date “cheap”.

29. Date in the museum – many museums don’t have an entry tax, or it’s cheap if they have. The date night idea is a huge opportunity to learn something new and exciting.

30. Art Gallery – visit an Art Gallery and admire the fantastic way of thinking of the artists.

31. Bike together outside and even race – who has stronger legs?

32. Visit antic shops

They are huge inspiration places, doors to the past and I can honestly spend hours in them sometimes.

33. Arcade Games – it’s still cheap to go and play some arcade games. And it’s fun as well.

34. Winery tour – I know, it has to be in the late afternoon rather than evening, but many wineries offer free tours and who can say No to a few sips of wine?

35. Picnic at evening time – you can either do that one in your home or go with the car to someplace where you can see the whole city in front of you and have a dinner-picnic there.

36. Trivia date – a pub, a beer and a Quiz. Such a lovely date night idea for married couples that like to scratch their brains.

37. Go to a karaoke – if you don’t want to make it at home, then you just have to go to the karaoke club and sing it out loud.

38. Find a place under the stars and enjoy them. – Just don’t choose the cemetery, I don’t know why in the movies they always choose the cemetery, but I don’t want to give you this as an option…spooky

39. Go to a dance class together – even if it’s only once. You might like it.

40. Make your own photo-session – choose different places, change the facial expressions, experiment.

41. Play pool – and pick a prize for the winner.

42. Go to Open Houses – it’s always interesting to see how other people have arranged their living space. Check with the local real-estate agencies for Showrooms and go to steal some ideas. 

43. Head to the beach and have dinner there – then go into the waters…naked. Try not to spend the night in jail for that!

44. Go to an Open Mic Night – it’s usually cheap to attend an Open Mic Night somewhere, and you will have fun.

45. Go camping somewhere for the night – prepare the tent, the food and go into the woods.

46. Go camping … in the car…

Pick a place with no one around, then spend the night in the car – talking, snacking, kissing and touching… just like if you’re teenagers.

47. Roleplay – dress up, go to the bar/pub separately and pretend you don’t know each other. Then hook up for the night.

48. Visit a cheap shop with a $10 budget and buy something for the other – it has to be with a hint of a joke to the other.

49. Recreate your first date – was it a romantic dinner somewhere or just a walk in the city centre? Visit the place you had your first kiss and recreate it.

50. Sign up for a sport together – usually, the first lesson is for free or with a discount. 

Hope you liked my 50 cheap date night ideas for married couples. Share them with your spouse and choose one or more for the next month. If you’ve already done something even better, please share it with me in the comments below.