How to be a Happy Couple That’s Envied by All

Everyone likes happy couples, actually they envy them. So what does it take to be treated like one? Find out how to be a happy couple right here.



Happy couples are the epitome of romance.

Everyone wants to be them, and yet everyone hates them.

Do you want to be a happy couple who look so hot and happy it makes other lesser mortal couples stand away from their own partners in shame?

Well, there are ways.

Firstly, find out how to be happy in a relationship.

If you can’t be happy on the inside, there’s no way you’ll be able to rub any of that happy aura off on other couples.

And once you know how to really be happy, it’s time to share your love with the world, and rub it in.


How to be a happy couple

Letting the world know that you’re a happy couple is a lot like starting your own business.

You may be great at it, but it’s just no darn good unless you blow your own horn. Discreetly, of course!

Use these 12 happy couple tips and let the world know just how happy and sappy both of you actually are.

#1 Work out and walk out together. Working out together is great for many things. Both of you will live longer and look better, a lot better. And the best part, regular workouts will make your skin glow with endorphin radiance.

When both of you walk down the street holding hands, both of you would look like two full grown Jesus babies, what with all that light emanating from both of your faces. If that doesn’t look blissfully happy, what does?

#2 Get cozy in public. Hold hands all the time and get cozy wherever you can. You’ll annoy other lovers around you. But they’ll still envy you. And you’ll feel happier. Yes, make other couples feel jealous and it’ll make you feel better about your own relationship. Get others talking about how close both of you are even after so many years, and it’ll make both of you feel even more closer.

But don’t go indulging in PDA before step #1. Both of you need to look good first to indulge in jealousy inducing public smooching. If you look like two slobby walruses on the rocks trying to hump each other, that’s never going to be a pretty sight for anyone.

#3 Compliment and thank each other all the time. You know your manners, so use them. Thank and compliment each other all the time, be it while passing the plate at an all-you-can-eat or while trying clothes at a store. Be even more complimentary and thankful when others are within earshot. And be most complimentary and affectionate to each other when there are other friendly couples who don’t know how to treat each other with respect.

You’ll feel a lot better about your own relationship. The other couple will squirm their feet and wish they could be as loving as you. And everyone learns a good lesson about manners and courtesy.

#4 Never wash your underwear in public. Don’t argue with your partner in front of others, even if your friends are trying to spark a funny fight between the two of you just to have some fun. Annoying and bitter friends love trying to create problems in a happy couple’s relationship. Don’t fall for their little ploy. Just smile and brush any problem away like nothing can come in between the two of you.


#5 Get cute and angry with each other. If anything bothers you about your partner when you’re out together, let your partner know about it. Smack your partner across their back lightly and get cute and angry, like you’re having fun. Don’t get angry, sad couples do that. Happy couples get cute, have a giggly smirk, and get naughty and angry.

Unhappy couples always have an eye on happy couples and try to find out what really keeps a happy couple happy. So don’t roll your eyes or try to speak in a hushed, sharp whisper when you get angry. Unhappy couples will notice that! 

#6 Have awesome sex. Yeah, sex is always right there at the top for happy couples. Most girls talk about how happy their sex lives are anyways, so let the word slip on how sexy and happy your sex life is. Almost always, there’ll be a few frowns and subdued angry faces around you, especially from the sad, unhappy lovers. And you’ll feel a lot happier about it! 

#7 Greet each other warmly. When you walk into each other at the end of the day, greet each warmly with a happy hello. And if both of you are meeting at a party or restaurant after work, walk really close to each other, stare into each other with an eye brightening, wide radiant smile and let time stop still for a few moments while saying hi to each other. The people around will hate you for being so darn happy and loving all the time.

#8 Don’t speak ill of each other. Do you ever feel like bitching about your partner to your friends? Hmm… are you sure you’re a happy couple? Or are you a poser unhappy couple pretending to be a happy couple?

Happy couples don’t have anything bad to speak about each other. They communicate and are always annoyingly happy. So avoid speaking ill of your partner, especially if it’s something silly and trivial.

#9 Be charming when you’re together. Charm isn’t just a trait that’s used to smooth talk the opposite sex. Charm is something that makes you look sexy and admirable. Behave like perfect hosts or guests when you go out together. Stand together in each other’s arms and awe all other couples with your wit, charm and charisma. You’ll definitely be a happy couple. And yes, all other couples will envy you for it.


#10 Call each other often. Keep your partner in the loop about your life. Avoid lying or sneaking behind your partner’s back. If a friend of yours knows more about your life than your partner, then this friend wouldn’t get envious or jealous. They’d feel superior and make you feel small.

#11 Indulge in romantic gestures. Buy little gifts for each other now and then to keep the romance alive. Indulge in happy gestures and treat each other with a lot of love and respect, no matter where you are. Always remember to give your partner the first preference, be it while listening to opinions while hanging out with friends or while pulling a chair back for the women around. 

#12 Don’t brag about each other. Saying “you know… my boyfriend/girlfriend is the best boyfriend/girlfriend in the world” is so corny and wannabe. And when people hear that line, they’d just think you’re a lying braggart.

Happy couples never claim to be happy couples. Unhappy couples use that line to try and convince themselves that they’re in perfect relationship.

Avoid speaking highly of your partner’s romantic capabilities to others. Let others watch and make their own happy assumptions. And as long as you’re using all these tips here, they’d definitely be convinced deep inside that the both of you are the perfect definition of a happy couple. And yeah, they’ll hate you for it.

Sometimes, happiness is best experienced when you innocently rub it in and let others know just how perfect both of you are. Use these 12 tips on how to be a happy couple and both of you will be beaming with happiness all the time!