How to Control Your Man

Most people do not like the idea of being controlled by someone else. However, when you are in a romantic relationship, you might feel the need to offer your male partner some guidance. "Controlling" him can mean helping him learn ways to better communicate and to make your relationship more healthy and positive.

Method 1 Forming a Healthy Bond

1 Communicate effectively.

Honest and open communication is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. If you and your partner can effectively bond, you will find that it is easier to work together to solve problems. It will lessen your need to control him.
- Choose your timing. If you want to have an important conversation, choose a time that is good for both of you. Don't try to have a deep conversation right as he is walking in the door from work, for example, or if you know you have to leave for the gym in five minutes.
- Watch your body language. During important talks, try sitting side by side with your man. This makes you both feel equal, and is more effective than if one of you is standing over the other. You should also try to maintain eye contact, as that conveys trust and respect.

2 Spend quality time together.

In the early stages of dating, the two of you probably had plenty of romantic dates. But as a relationship progresses, it can become easy to fall into a rut. Perhaps you're spending all of your time together watching tv rather than actually enjoying each other's company. Make sure to get some quality time together each week.
- Having alone time with your man is very important for your relationship. It helps you connect to each other as adults. Set aside some time each week that is just for the two of you--no kids, no friends, no one but you.
- Do activities that require you to interact. For example, try a fun activity such as bowling. This will help you relax and feel more comfortable with one another. If your man enjoys your company, you will need to worry about controlling him.

3 Learn about each other.

Of course your know your boyfriend or husband, but that doesn't mean that you know all of the important things about each other. The healthiest relationships are those where the couple makes a real effort to understand one another on a deeper level. During your quality time, make an effort to learn new things about each other.
- The best way to get to know each other better is to ask questions. These questions can be as simple as saying, "How was your day?" The important part is that you both give detailed honest answers, and that you both actively listen to the other.
- You could also try asking more creative questions, such as "If you could be any character in a book ,who would you be?" These types of conversations will allow you to learn more about each other. The more you know, the more you will trust each other. You will be able to communicate instead of controlling.

Method 2 Offering Guidance

1 Describe your needs.

If you can guide your man to behave in a way that is positive, it will become less and less necessary for you to feel the need to control him. All of us want a romantic partner who fulfills our needs. What we need to remember is that our needs are not always readily apparent. Try telling your partner exactly what you need from him.
-Try saying something like, "I am having a frustrating day. I really just need to vent right now. Can you please just listen quietly for a few minutes?"
- Maybe you feel like your man is not making enough time for you. Instead of yelling, maybe you could try saying, "I know you're really busy lately. Could we schedule a time for us to go to a movie together?" By explaining what you need, you are more likely to get it.

2 Make relationship rules.

Even though you are both adults, your relationship could likely benefit from some ground rules. Work on these together, and make sure that you both agree to stick to the guidelines you are creating. For example, if it is important to you that you two never go to bed angry, make that one of your relationship rules.
- If you feel like you need to control your man's actions, try setting some guidelines in advance. For example, ask that he only spends one or two nights away from home with his buddies. He'll appreciate that you are flexible, and you'll know when you can count on him to be home.
- You can also set some rules about how to communicate with one another. For example, if you aren't morning people, you can agree never to discuss a serious subject before you've had your coffee.

3 Set boundaries.

Setting boundaries is a very effective way to guide your man towards the behavior you'd like him to show. The first step in setting boundaries is to acknowledge your own feelings. This will help you figure out what is important to you in the relationship. You'll be better able to articulate your needs.
- For example, maybe your boyfriend is constantly borrowing money from you. This might make you uncomfortable, especially if he doesn't pay it back in a timely manner. Set boundaries that dictate exactly when and how much he can borrow. Also indicate that it should be paid back.
- Make it clear that crossing boundaries will impact your relationship. Articulate that these boundaries are important to you, and you will be unhappy if they are not observed.

Method 3 Benefiting from a Loving Relationship

1 Be more socially connected.

There are many proven benefits to being part of a healthy, loving relationship. When you have a partner, you will automatically feel more socially connected to the world. You will have a built-in person to talk to about movies, work, current events, or anything else that is on your mind. This helps you feel more in tune with the world around you.
- Being socially connected can help you feel more confident and happy. The connection deepens if you live with your long-term romantic partner.

2 Feel more secure.

Being in a healthy relationships means that you have a deeper sense of security. For instance, you know that you have someone to celebrate with when you get a big promotion. You also know that you have someone to comfort you when your long-tme pet passes away. Feeling secure is crucial to your emotional well-being.
- Research shows that being in a long-term relationship has great benefits on a woman's mental health. The sense of security you get is a large part of that.

3 Improve your health.

You will also get physical benefits from being in a loving relationship. People in happy relationships tend to have less stress. Low stress rates mean that you are less likely to have high blood pressure, heart problems, or symptoms of depression.
- People in long-term relationships also benefit from having regular sex. Sex can help improve your mood, and also decreases your stress levels.