How to Have a Good Relationship that Gets Better With Each Day

Want to know what makes a good relationship? Honestly, there are just a few signs that separate the good ones from the bad ones. Find out what they are.

Every time you get into a relationship, you wonder if you’re going to have a good relationship with your lover. But what is a good relationship really?

A good relationship can’t just be found. Two people don’t just come together and complete each other like two pieces of a puzzle all at once. It has to be created.

Our lives revolve around love, be it with friends, family or lovers. We need love in our lives to feel better and live happier. But are you in a good relationship that’ll give you the bliss and warmth that you crave for?

Ever wondered about what a good relationship is, and what it takes to have a good relationship?

What is a good relationship?

Simply put, a good relationship is a beautiful experience. It’s easy to find it but it’s even more easy to overlook it. You can spend all your life looking for true love and a good relationship, and you may never experience it even if it’s right in front of your eyes.

After all, a good relationship requires the selfless and willing effort of two lovers, and it blooms more with each passing day.

What makes a relationship good?

It takes just ten little traits to create a good relationship. If you and your partner can boast of achieving all ten of these good relationship traits or if you’re almost there, you’ve definitely got the potential to experience all the happy love the world has to offer!

You may wonder, how just ten little traits can fix any relationship. But that’s all you really need. If you can honestly give these ten traits a real shot, you’ll see that every other little issue in your relationship will sort itself out in no time.


The 10 traits and signs of a good relationship that just keeps getting better!
Want to know if you’re in a good relationship? These traits will lead you directly into the warm love of a healthy and good relationship that you’ve always wanted in your life.

#1 You’re happy to be with your lover
In a good relationship, both the partners are happy to be with each other. Good lovers complement each other and balance the relationship. On the inside, you may truly believe that you’re a desirable and attractive person who can get anyone you want. But at the same time, do you also truly believe that your partner too has the qualities to attract anyone they want?

Infatuation is fickle, but love isn’t. Most people get into a relationship and start looking out as soon as the infatuation phase is over because they assume they deserve someone better. In a good relationship, both partners know they’re hot stuff, they desire each other, and they also know they’re perfect for each other. 

#2 You argue constructively, if ever
Arguments are never bad, as long as it’s limited to a rare occasion. After all, an argument is only a sign of misunderstanding unless it results because of a bigger conflict like an affair or a lack of interest in each other.

In a good relationship, you may have differences or arguments, but it’s always constructive to the relationship. You voice your opinions and help your partner understand how you’re feeling and what you really want. By bring up a touchy subject and clearing the air, it helps bring both of you closer in the long run, just as long as the same mistakes don’t happen again.

And always remember this, irrespective of who started a fight, it’s the responsibility of both partners to end it as soon as possible. 

#3 You love your partner unconditionally
Lovers in good relationships are always happy. And as corny as it may sound, they feel happier when their partner’s feeling happy. Call them soulmates if you must, but in a good relationship, the happiness one experiences isn’t just one sided.

Have you ever gone out of your way to make your partner feel good, even if it means sacrificing something for yourself?

One of the strongest signs of a good relationship, is when both partners go out of their way to make their lover feel good. Do you have that unconditional love in your relationship? 

#4 You communicate and learn
A relationship matures over time. While your partner and you may have fallen in love at first sight and had the perfect chemistry, it takes take a bit of work to retain it.

In a good relationship, both partners don’t take each other for granted. They communicate with each other and understand about each other’s lives, be it personal or professional. Spend time together and learn about each other’s thoughts and ideas.

We change as individuals all the time, so make sure you know your partner for the person they are now, not what they were years ago when you first met. In a good relationship, you should be the shoulder to lean on for your partner and the voice that motivates them.

Do you really know everything about your lover? Do you motivate your partner and help them realize their dreams and aspirations? 

#5 You respect each other
True love isn’t enough to hold a relationship together. In a good relationship, both partners must respect each other too. In your everyday life as a couple, you have to take a lot of decisions all the time, however small they may be.

Do you make all the decisions when it comes to matters of the relationship, or does your partner do that?

If you respect each other, you’d give importance to each other’s opinions before making a decision. On the other hand, if you don’t really respect your lover, you may ask for an opinion but do what you feel is best anyways.

It may work for a while, but eventually one partner will start to dominate the other psychologically and that can only lead to subdued or even open frustrations in the relationship. 

#6 You have a great sex life
Many say that sex is overrated. But it really isn’t. Sex is actually pretty important in a healthy romantic relationship.

If you’re not really excited by your partner sexually or if both of you have overlooked sex over the years together, you’re not a romantic couple in love anymore. You may as well be housemates or friends living together! 

At the beginning of a relationship, you may feel a tingle of excitement rush up your spine even if your partner just touches your palms. But as the relationship gets older, even a good thrust may not bring the same hardening excitement anymore.

It’s a brutal truth that all lovers have to accept. You get used to an exciting thing, and after a while, the excitement wears off.

In a good and healthy relationship, couples actively look for ways to bring the excitement back even if it involves something outrageous or bordering on adulterous. 

Couples in a healthy relationship enjoy a good sex life, either through good sex in bed or by enacting fantasies or doing something just as outrageous. Remember, what may seem normal to someone else may seem sexually taboo to you and vice versa. Indulge in what keeps you happy, and don’t bother about what the world thinks. 

#7 You’re prepared to work for it
A healthy relationship requires a lot of work. If you’re passionate about your relationship and its happiness, of course, this won’t seem like work at all.

In a happy relationship, the two partners constantly look for ways to keep love alive, be it through special surprise parties or thoughtful gifts. Just like your job, you need to see progress every day in love too, if you want to experience a better relationship.

You can’t just sit back and wait for the good times to roll in love. You need to initiate it. Get away on romantic vacations and look for ways to create happy memories all the time, even if it means just watching a movie at home on the couch. 

Have a happy outlook, be cheerful, fun and loving. And don’t ever forget that inner young lover in you who used to get so excited to be able to spend some time with your sweetheart.

#8 Both of you stand by each other
In a healthy relationship, lovers don’t point fingers or accuse each other. They stand by each other.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Sometimes, you may experience a lot of happiness and at other times, both of you may have to push your way through tough times and misery. Mistakes happen, and no one in love really tries to make things take a turn for the worse, remember that.

Learn to stand together and support each other when things get tough. Sometimes, hard times are nothing but a test of love and commitment. In a good relationship, lovers lend a shoulder instead of saying ‘I told you so’. 

#9 You trust your partner
Do you trust your partner? It’s quite stupid to completely believe your partner even if they’re caught with someone else in bed if they come up with a winding excuse. But unless you have a reason to doubt your partner or catch your partner with their pants around their ankles, learn to completely trust your lover.

In a healthy relationship, both lovers trust each other, in love and in decision making. If you respect your partner and trust them, they’ll respect you back and trust you a lot more.

Many possessive and jealous lovers accuse their partner of trying to cheat even if they just take a second glance at someone else, follow a sexy hottie on social media or if they spend an hour longer out with friends. 

Don’t be that lover.

When you accuse your innocent partner, it actually becomes easier for your partner to commit the act later.

“Hah, what the hell… My partner doesn’t trust me anyway… I might as well go ahead with it…”

Trust is important in a lasting relationship. Learn to trust your partner. It’ll make them more loyal and loving, instead of looking for ways to prove a point to you. Always remember, talk is cheap and rumors are rumors unless you find some evidence to believe it’s the truth.

#10 You genuinely love your partner
Of all of the ten signs and traits that make up a good relationship, this is the most simplest and yet, the most important. Do you really love your partner?

Healthy relationships are built on love and the passion to be by each other’s side. You may experience all the factors of a healthy relationship, but do you truly think you’ve found your soulmate in your partner?

When you genuinely love your partner, you can’t imagine a life without them. It doesn’t mean you’re helpless without them, nor does it mean you need them to complete you. But somehow, having their love in your life makes you feel more stronger, and happier.

Always remember this, in a healthy relationship you shouldn’t need your partner, you should want them!

The secret to having a good relationship everyone desires

It’s never too late to experience a good relationship. As long as both of you have the will to change for the better and experience the best moments of life together, you’ll experience a perfect and healthy relationship sooner than you think.

You can’t force yourself into a relationship and expect good things to come out of it. Successful relationships need compatibility and chemistry, and the signs of a good relationship mentioned here.

Time may fly and the first few months of infatuation may blossom into mature love, but that’s no excuse to let the excitement fade away. In a healthy relationship, the relationship may mature, but it still stays fresh and exciting all the time.

Understanding the secrets of a healthy and good relationship doesn’t require a rocket scientist’s precision or an artist’s imagination. All of us have the opportunity to experience it.

Just as long as you are willing to selflessly love your partner and look for little ways to keep love alive.

So what is a good relationship really? It’s a perfect relationship where two lovers understand each other and love each other. Remember these signs of a good relationship, and even if you don’t see all of them in your love life, work towards it. It’s way easier to achieve it than you think!