How to Know if a Guy Likes You & How to Make Him Like You More

Guys can be complicated. You think he’s crushing on you, but then he acts differently. Learn how to know if a guy likes you and cut the confusion.

That awkward time between meeting someone you like and actually dating *if you make it that far* is super-confusing for all concerned. You think he’s showing you signs he feels the same, then he changes tactics, and you have no idea which way is up or down. The single best way to get over this drama and keep your sanity intact is to learn how to know if a guy likes you, and watch for all the subtle and obvious signs.

Then, you can look for the signs, piece them together without wondering ‘what if’, and make your move confidently!

How to know if a guy likes you: The 20 signs that’ll reveal all in no time!


You might want to learn how to know if a guy likes you over text or in person, figure out his tactics, or be one step ahead. Whatever your aims, being armed with knowledge puts you in control.

1. He asks a lot of questions about your life
If a guy’s asking a lot of questions about you and what you like, what you do, what you enjoy, he might simply be polite. But not many guys put in this much effort with someone they’re not interested in! It’s one of the biggest ways to learn how to know if a guy likes you. 

2. He’s very active on your social media
If you’re friends on social media with a guy and he’s always the first to like your photos or perhaps comment on whatever you post, there’s a good chance that he’s looking for your content because he’s crushing.

3. You often catch his eye
A guy who likes someone is going to try and make eye contact with them. Even if that’s not his sole aim, he’s going to be gazing in your direction a lot. That means you’re likely to notice him looking at you and you’ll lock eyes naturally. It’s another of the ways to learn how to know if a guy likes you, and it’s a strong one.

4. He makes excuses to touch you slightly
We’re talking about gentle and slight touches here, nothing major. Grazing your arm, moving your hair if it blows in your face, brushing a pretend crumb from your shoulder, that kind of thing. If you’re noticing this, it’s one of the big signs. 

5. He makes a lot of flirty remarks
Sure, some guys are just naturally flirty, but most don’t make an effort to be flirty with those they’re not bothered about. If he’s often quite flirty around you and you notice several other signs too, he’s crushing!

6. He stands up for you
If someone says something behind your back, he might defend you and you’ll get to know about it. Or someone might say something to your face that could be taken as nasty or joking, and he sticks up for you then too. Again, it’s a sign he likes you, and a big one at that.

7. Your friends tell you that he asks about you
Your friends are likely to report back whenever someone starts asking about you, and if you’re hearing this from your buddies, then there’s a very good reason for him asking!

8. He often shows up where you are
Now do remember that if this is something that’s happening a lot and you’re not comfortable with it, you need to take action. But, if it’s just occasionally and it’s normally after you’ve tagged yourself in on social media, he’s trying to be around you. How to know if a guy likes you? He’s often where you are. 

9. He mirrors your body language
Body language isn’t something we can generally control unless we’re super-conscious of it. So if you’re noticing that this guy is basically copying your stance when you’re taking to him, it’s because he likes you and his body is telling you so. If you lean against the wall, he probably will too, etc.

10. He makes general excuses to talk to you
It could be the most random reason to start a conversation, but he’ll go for it because it means he can have a chat with you and try and get in a little flirting. 

11. He often appears a little nervous around you
Aww, how cute! If a guy is a little nervous around you, then it’s probably because he likes you. Some guys might be overly confident and show their nerves in that way, or others might stumble over their words or fidget. Look out for the signs!

12. He enquires about your relationship status more than once
A guy isn’t going to ask if you’re available out of interest. So if he asks this, especially more than once, it’s quite clear that he’s figuring out whether there’s space for him in your life. Learning how to know if a guy likes you sometimes isn’t about rocket science-level signs!



13. He loves to make you laugh
While he probably isn’t going to try a stand-up comedy routine for the sake of it, he might keep cracking the odd joke to see if it makes you laugh. The reason? He loves to see you smile and your laugh makes him feel like the king of the world! 

14. If you need help, he’s there
How to know if a guy likes you? If you ask him to help you, he will. Of course, some guys are just very helpful generally but not all, so always look out for this sign too.

15. He texts you for random reasons
If he does this, he’s just trying to start a conversation and it’s super-cute that he tries! Again, this is another of the how to know if a guy likes you signs and it’s one which could lead to some pretty interesting ‘get to know you’ chats.

16. He texts you first
Not only does he text you for random reasons, but he often texts first too. Now, if you like the guy, do try and cut him some slack and text first occasionally too – don’t make him do all the work!

17. He compliments you on the smallest things
It could be the color of your shirt, the way you’ve done your hair, or the scent you’re wearing. If he throws compliments your way a lot, it’s because he’s noticing small details and he likes them!

18. He remembers the small things you’ve told him
You once told him that you love chihuahua dogs, and he gives you a fridge magnet with that kind of dog on it that he just saw in the store. He remembers the small details you’ve told him in conversation, and he wants to show you. 

19. You often hear from him in the morning and before you sleep
The ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ texts are a huge sign that someone likes you and it means that you’re one of the first things they think of when they wake up and before they sleep.

20. His friends know about you
How to know if a guy likes you? Simply find out if his friends know about you. If they do, that’s a very good sign indeed!

15 things you can do to make him like you more

So, you’re happy that he likes you and you’re pretty sure that he does because you can tick off quite a few of those signs. Now, how can you make him like you even more? Try these things, and you’ll see him falling harder with each passing day!



1. Support him
Every guy loves someone who is their biggest cheerleader.

2. Focus on yourself as much as on him
Don’t let your own life slide just because you’re crushing back. Focus on yourself, too.

3. Be attentive when he’s talking

Who doesn’t love it when someone’s attention is totally on them? 

4. Ask questions back
Go on, dare to ask some delving questions of your own. It will help you get to know him!

5. Show your intelligence
Guys love someone who can show their brains as well as their looks, so don’t hold back on the smarts!

6. Laugh at his jokes
You’ll seriously stroke his ego if you laugh at his jokes, but don’t go over the top. If it’s faked, he’ll know. 

7. Be a little mysterious
You don’t have to give all your smallest details away at the start, hold something back and play mysterious.

8. But don’t play games

There’s being mysterious and there’s playing games. Nobody has time for those, so simply say what you mean.

9. Be relaxed, not needy
There’s no need to stray into needy territory, so keep everything relaxed and he’ll love how chilled you are.

10. Be confident in yourself
You’re amazing, he thinks so, and you need to believe it too! [

11. Be yourself
It’s not just about being confident, it’s about being yourself. Don’t try and be something different or change anything about yourself, just be who you are.

12. Show your passions for the things you love
Love dogs? Show it! Love singing? Sing away! Whatever you like to do and whatever you’re passionate about, don’t be afraid to show it.

13. Don’t always be around
I said ‘no games,’ but this is kind of different. Just don’t always be around him, give him some space and focus on you. He’ll come running! 

14. Talk about your goals
What do you want in life? What makes you tick? Tell him what you are aiming towards. Be open about your goals, it shows serious ambition.

15. Just be a positive and happy person
Don’t get too wrapped up in the ‘does he or doesn’t he like me’ routine and just be happy and positive. He’ll adore this side of you.

Learning how to know if a guy likes you isn’t that hard. He’ll show you attention, be interested in what you have to say, and will want to be around you. If that’s the case, someone’s got a crush on you!