Signs that you are in Selfish Relationship

Selfish behaviors are mostly expressed in a relationship that has failed to work. Everyone will act selfishly whenever they want favors extended on their side alone which is not good. If you always want to pull things on your side, then you need to think about it.

No person should be exposed to a prey-predator type of relationship. In a relationship, no one should be made to suffer in order to make the other person
comfortable. Relationships should be a kind of mutual coexistence where everyone benefits. That is why you need to avoid dating individuals who are naturally selfish as much as you can. In order to make your relationship work out in the best way, always question yourself on whether it is preservation and self-love or just a selfish- controlled relationship? Here are some of the signs of selfishness.

1. Your Partner does not value you

In a balanced and matured relationship, every partner should make the other feel appreciated and equal on the love they get. When things are not working well,
your partner is likely to project insecurity. If they one is not ready to take care of the accomplishments, then it is very clear that they are self-centered.

2. They are controlling

This comes alongside insecurities. They have kind of expectations of you, but will never let you know what to do. As long as you are doing the right thing, keep
doing it. Being competitive and insecure are signs of egocentrism. Therefore, stay away from this trap.

3. Are self-Absorbed

A self-less partner will always make you feel as if you are part of the system. If your partner is so much concerned with what they do or say, it can really make
you feel drained. This shows that they do not care about your needs and will only consider theirs.

4. Your Partner is not ready to apologize

Some partners are not ready to say sorry whenever they wrong you just because they are selfish. Instead, they will always work to prove an excuse for what
they did. Since everything has to revolve around them, they will argue about how you hurt their feelings and how you caused the problem.