The Best Gifts you can Give your Partner

Is it that time of the year when you rack your brains and wonder what you could give your sweeter half, a gift that is thoughtful and appreciative, and at the same time, a gift that doesn’t hit your wallet too hard?

We conducted a survey at Lovepanky, and we’ve summed up the best gifts your love could ever want from you.

1. Name a Star

Aim for the stars this year by giving one of those twinkling stars your lover’s name. Log on to any of the several websites dealing in starry businesses and you can give a gift that would last for more than your lifetime.

2. Gift a piece of the Moon

If you’ve always wanted to buy the moon for your sweetheart, here’s your chance to buy a legal piece of the moon or maybe even a piece of Mars or Venus.

3. Love Birds

One of the most lovable and cute birds you could ever gift anyone…

4. Aquarium or Fish Bowls

Fishes can captivate you for hours on end and can be a great gift for your partner.

5. A Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates and Candies

If your lover has a sweet tooth, what better way to show your love than with the best chocolates in a good looking box?


6. A CD of your Favorite Love Songs

Perfect for those mushy music lovers…

7. A Body Massage

Want some closure and sensuality this time around? Offer to give a full body massage or take your lover to a spa.

8. A Romantic Lampshade

A lamp shade with your message on the outside can be really sweet, especially if your lover is going to fall asleep reading what you have to say every night.

9. Perfume

A perfume lover? There are tons of perfumes, and some can even be customized.

10. A Photo Frame with a Love Poem

Those great memories can last a lifetime, so why not write a few lines along with the perfect picture of the both of you.