Themed Date Ideas for Every Day of the Week

Here are recurring themed dates for every day of the week that you can easily make part of your dating schedule. So go ahead: Send your significant other a Google calendar invite for date night.

No Money Monday

The most stressful day of the week? Monday. The biggest cause for stress in a relationship? Money. Ease off the pressure from both with a budget-friendly or, better yet, fre, date night—an especially smart move if you splurged over the weekend. This doesn't mean reduce yourselves to window shopping at the Salvation Army, but you can find a bar with free live music, spend your laundry quarters on air hockey games at the bowling alley, or seek out the best happy-hour specials around.

Try It Already! Tuesday

You know that place you pass on your way to work every morning? The one that you've been saying you really want to try for at least a year now? Well, carpe diem! Tuesday is your chance to cross an item off your shared bucket list and finally taste that ostrich burger you've heard so much about. Even if it sucks, at least now you'll know.

Workout Wednesday

Happy weight is a real thing. Combat the Relationship Ten with some physical activity: Go on an evening hike or bike ride, play a friendly game of tennis, hit balls at the driving range, or take a yoga class. This way, you won't feel guilty when you go to rehydrate yourselves at the nearest watering hole with some Wine Wednesday—hey, you earned it.

Throwback Thursday

Though the honeymoon phase can't last forever because, let's be honest, some things you just can't unsee, you can attempt to bring back the days when you both actually bothered to cover up your farts. Reenact one of your favorite first dates and soon enough you'll be walking down memory lane and arguing over petty details like who held who's hand first. The best part: You don't have to spend the night internally worrying about what happens after. You've already been there.

First Friday

As a relationship progresses, couples start to run out of firsts: First date, first kiss, first fight, first makeup…well, you get the picture. Do the opposite of Throwback Thursday and freshen things up on Friday by trying out an activity that you've never done together, like salsa dancing or a trapeze class, depending on how adventurous you want to get.

Spontaneous Saturday

You spend Monday through Friday following a set, repetitive schedule, so on Saturday don't think—just get in the car and drive. The first rule of Spontaneous Saturday: You don't talk about Spontaneous Saturday. That would defeat the purpose. The second rule: No Yelping or Google Mapping allowed. Pretend you're in a real-life choose-your-own-adventure book and only stop when you spot something interesting, or if the gas light turns on.

Sunday Sundae

As the dreaded Monday starts to creep back up on you, savor what's left of the weekend with a tasty treat. Head to your favorite ice cream shop and load up on all the cookie-dough chunks, hot fudge, and whipped cream you can stomach. Then have one more bite. The cherry on top? You're spending time with your better half, and they know better than to ask you to share your ice cream.